7 Dental Veneers Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Smile Makeover

dental veneers

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel If you think that dental veneers are something new, I’m here to tell you, they’ve been around for a very, very long time. The first celebrity that got veneers was Shirley Temple. Actress Shirley Temple got veneers back in 1936 when she wanted to have the perfect Hollywood smile. Today…

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College Student Gets Epic Smile Transformation Before Graduation!

smile transformation

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I’m Dr. Catrise Austin, a cosmetic dentist in NYC, a.k.a “The Queen of Smiles.™” Today is a super exciting day for me because I have a young college student whose name is Taylor. And she’s traveled all the way to my cosmetic dental practice in New York from Delaware, to…

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Yung Bleu Reveals $30K Veneers! [Exclusive Before and After Video]


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Today I’m super excited to have a young, hot new rapper, Yung Bleu, he’s here from down south. He came all the way up from Mississippi to the Queen Of Smiles, Cosmetic Dentist In New York, to get a smile transformation. One of the things that we’re going to do…

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Veneers Before and After: Dr. Catrise Austin Gets A Smile Makeover!

veneers before and after

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel As a celebrity cosmetic dentist who regularly works with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, famous athletes, singers, actresses, and others wanting to improve their smile, it was finally my turn to get some work done on my own pearly whites! In this blog post, I’ll share my veneers…

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How To Whiten Teeth At Home: 7 Fast and Safe Tips!


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Today, I’m going to discuss one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures that I get asked about all the time, teeth whitening and I’ll provide tips on how to whiten teeth at home and give you 7 fast and safe tips. Over the past 24 years, I’ve helped some…

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5 Celebrity Smile and Oral Hygiene Routine Secrets Revealed!

oral hygiene routine

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel It is more important than ever to maintain a strong oral hygiene routine and a clean mouth. For many years, LISTERINE® has been trusted by millions of people to keep their mouths clean, healthy, and fresh. I teamed up with the brand to spill the tea on what celebrity smiles…

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Claressa Shields MMA Fighter Gets Knockout Porcelain Veneers Smile Makeover!


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I am so excited because a major celebrity came to VIP Smiles today – the two-time, Olympic gold medalist, and the undisputed female, middle-weight, champion of the world, Claressa Shields. Yes, that’s right, Claressa Shields MMA fighter gets a knockout porcelain veneers smile makeover! I’m going to introduce you to…

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Veneers vs Crowns: What’s Better For Your Smile?


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel If you’re at home and you’re not happy with your teeth, because maybe they’re too yellow or brown, or maybe you have unsightly white spots or brown spots in your teeth, maybe they’re too short or too long, or maybe they’re crooked or spaced, but you just don’t want to…

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Does Teeth Whitening Work and Is It Worth It?

does teeth whitening work

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Today I’m going to talk about one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedures on the market today, professional teeth whitening. Does teeth whitening work, and is it worth it? Over the past 24 years, I have helped some of the biggest celebs in the game with their smiles like…

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