Claressa Shields MMA Fighter Gets Knockout Porcelain Veneers Smile Makeover!

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I am so excited because a major celebrity came to VIP Smiles today - the two-time, Olympic gold medalist, and the undisputed female, middle-weight, champion of the world, Claressa Shields. Yes, that's right, Claressa Shields MMA fighter gets a knockout porcelain veneers smile makeover!

I’m going to introduce you to the GWOAT in Women’s boxing and newly crowned MMA champ Claressa Shields as she takes you through her journey of getting her porcelain veneers in preparation for becoming an icon in sports.

Now that she has another title under her belt, she's got a lot of people requesting for her to be on TV and make special appearances. We're going to get her smile ready, so when she's on camera, she looks fabulous.


Claressa Shields - In Her Own Words:

My name is Claressa Shields. I am a two-time Olympic gold medalist and current undisputed champion in boxing, and I am from Flint, Michigan.

I started boxing at the age of 11. My dad inspired me to box and I've been boxing since the age of 11. So 13 years, I'm 24 now. And, out of all the years of just boxing at the age of 13 my first dream, and long-term goal was to become the first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal for boxing. I did that at the age of 17. I set another goal to win it again. At the age of 21, I won the Olympics again. Now I'm a professional.

I am a seven-time world champion in 2 weight divisions. And I'm the second woman in history to become the undisputed boxing champion. My dad inspired me to box. He used to be a boxer. I wanted to follow after him as Laila Ali followed after her dad, Muhammad Ali.


Flint Michigan Molded Me

The city of Flint means a lot to me, that's why I wear my hair blue when I fight.  Flint, molded me into who I am, my toughness, my poker face, my mean face, and my way of staying calm. Being calm but still having that serious look and just the thing about demanding respect. Coming from Flint instilled all of that in me. I love Flint. In my opinion, there's no other place like flint. They can say what they want to say about the water, the murder rate, and everything, well Flint is a good place. I'm a product of Flint. I was born and raised on the north side of Flint. And I love to be hopeful.

Flint, with all the bad news, I'm the good news. Whenever somebody mentioned Claressa Shields's name it's always about good things, about boxing or business or just things that I'm doing in the community. So, I like to be that person. That's the good news in Flint. And I tell a lot of kids, 'don't be afraid to be different, and we are not our parents.'


Dare To Be Different

A lot of people in Flint grew up with various issues in their families. I grew up with my mother addicted to alcohol, and my father in prison. I didn't meet my dad until I was nine. And I try to tell kids, you are in control of your future. The younger you pick something to do or have a goal, that's when you can start a new path. You can do whatever, you can choose to be whatever you want to be. You can be an astronaut or a scientist, as long as you start working towards that goal.

I chose boxing at the age of 11 and really, just don't be afraid to be different. Because when I first started boxing everybody was telling me, boxing is not for a woman, you'll never make any money. You'll never fight on TV. You'll be brain dead by the time you're 17. So people saying all those things to me, you would think that it would discourage a young black girl, but it didn't because I've always been taught by my grandmother that you control your own life. You can be whatever you want to be. My grandmother was my role model when my dad and my mom were not really there.

In my younger ages my grandmother taught me, I believe almost everything I know. She taught me about respect and about love. She taught me about hard work, about dedication, about equal pay, you know, the difference between men and women. My grandmother taught me a lot, and she also taught me, one of the biggest things, to not tolerate disrespect from nobody.  So at a young age, you know, people say respect your elders. I do. As long as they respect me. My grandmother was like, 'don't let nobody walk all over you, don't let nobody talk bad about you.'

She always said, 'try to solve the issue without fighting', but she always was just like, 'don't let nobody disrespect you. You let them know right then and there if something is disrespectful and you deal with it.'




Claressa Sheilds Backstory to A Smile Transformation

My teeth used to be a little straighter. I didn't use to have this chip in the front. It wasn't chipped until I spared without a mouthpiece at a younger age, and then it chipped.

And then after, at a younger age, wrestling, playing, and etc.,  it chips some more. So that's why the two front teeth are uneven. These teeth also didn't use to cross in front, over the other teeth until, my wisdom teeth started pushing in. I didn't get them taken out till years later. After having my wisdom teeth taken out,  the other teeth didn't ever go back in place.

So one thing, I think my smile is pretty dope though. You know, I think it's pretty nice. I can hide it very well by turning a certain way, and you really can't tell that I have this. So that's a problem for me when the camera isn't where I can get this side of my face and then show the good teeth and hide the bottom teeth.

These teeth poke out a lot on the top, and the bottom. And I just don't like it. So I heard about Dr. Catrise Austin through a friend, his name was Scooby. Scooby hit me up. And me and Scooby have been friends for about a year now, a year and a half. And he was like, I have a question for you, he said, have you ever thought about getting your teeth done?

He's like, I'm not coming at you, because you know, some people can be so offensive. I'm like, no, I didn't think you were. And I was like, I thought about it. I don't really trust people. So I don't know who I would go to about that. And I heard that there were so many different options. I want to do it the healthiest way, and the best way for my teeth in a long run. So, I didn't know who could help. And he like, well, I know this girl named Catrise, She did Cardi B's teeth. I said, oh, that's what Cardi B was rapping about? And he was like, yeah.

I'm hoping that after I leave Dr. Catrise Austin's office, that I accept my smile, that I'm not like, oh my God, it looks so different. I hope I look the same just with better teeth. I don't want my teeth to be too big and I don't want them too little. I want them to stay the same size they are now, just straight. I just want straight white teeth.


New Smile - New Media Opportunities

My new smile after this is going to take me everywhere, I feel. I'm going to Steve Harvey on May 8th, and the show Family Feud, on May 25th. I have a lot of events in LA coming up, and a clothing company wants me to be a model for their clothes. I'm excited about that. And those are all the opportunities right now. Oh, and I also have a lot of endorsements and sponsorships in the works.



Why Choose Dr. Catrise Austin For A Smile Makeover?

Well, one Dr. Catrise Austin has her Flint office here and I'm happy she brought it to Flint. So all y'all girls that got yall's taxes, come get your teeth fixed. Hello. Don't buy, you no car, come get your teeth fixed by Dr. Catrise Austin.

But it's nice in here, you know, my boyfriend was asking me like, where are you going? I'm like, she has an office in Flint. I said, yep. One in New York, and one in Flint. She's big time.

You walk in, and she got the dressing rooms, a Cardi B. room, a room for Wendy Williams,  and she's going to have one for me, I'm happy. Not only am I one of the best boxers in history, but I'm going to be like the Serena Williams of women's sports. So that's why I'm getting my teeth done. And I want to carry myself to a higher standard.

For everybody, it may not ever require for them to have their teeth done or to get liposuction and things like that. But for me, I feel like I wanted to. When I speak I want to get more opportunities. I want to be able to spread my story to the world, not just my boxing, but my life story. And I want to do it with my smile and I have a great personality. And I believe that I'm going to be a great actress. So all of these things are just great to get done now, instead of fixing them as my career grows.

After the Olympics, I was already up here and then after two Olympics, I got higher, then world champion, undisputed. Now all these other superstars are starting to recognize me and give me recognition. I hang out with Halle Berry. So, stuff like that, I'm at a different point in my life now that I know that there are going to be a lot more cameras, and I don't want to just be looked at as just the fighter. I have a pretty face. I'm really built, very nice and I want to have straight teeth. So that's just the point, it's a part of my life that I knew I would have to get to. It's just part of growing up and transitioning.

Now It's time for the reveal. It's always great, when the patient finally sees their smile and they're happy and they even give you the thumbs up. It's the greatest feeling for a cosmetic dentist in the world.
- Dr. Austin


claressa shields mma

Claressa Shields MMA Fighter and GWOAT in Women’s Boxing Shares First Thoughts After New Porcelain Veneers

When I saw my new smile, I felt really good. I was proud of it. And it was like a load was off my back as far as, in my teeth appearance. Because I feel like I'm a very pretty girl but my teeth were always messed up. So, I just felt really good. And I was like, oh shoot we got some straight teeth going on! So I was pretty happy.

A lot of my family and my friends can't believe that I really went and got my teeth done. And they're like, they're so nice and so natural. A lot of my family couldn't really tell at the beginning until I started talking from this side of my face, and they're like, oh wait a minute!

So they can see that I got some things done to my teeth and everybody's like, it looks really good and nice and white and not too big, not too small.  They don't look fake, you know? And I just feel more confident going into interviews, knowing that I don't have to keep turning my face this way to talk to the camera. Because I liked this side of my teeth and not this side. Now I can just stand straight. I can take good profile pics, profile videos and I just feel really good about it.


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