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College Student Gets Epic Smile Transformation Before Graduation!

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I'm Dr. Catrise Austin, a cosmetic dentist in NYC, a.k.a "The Queen of Smiles.™" Today is a super exciting day for me because I have a young college student whose name is Taylor. And she's traveled all the way to my cosmetic dental practice in New York from Delaware, to get a smile transformation by me.

What's so important about her smile makeover today, is that she's gonna enter a new chapter. She's about to graduate from Delaware State University, and she's getting prepared for her senior pictures. And one of the things she wanted to do on her wishlist before graduation, is to get that perfect smile so that she can look like a million bucks and be confident, to move on in the next phase of her career. So today is the day!


planning the smile transformation


Planning The Smile Transformation

We started working with Taylor about two weeks ago, and we designed and planned her new smile transfromation. And that is the very first thing that you wanna do when you're doing a cosmetic dental procedure. Planning is the key to success. So what we did with Taylor, we gave her professional teeth whitening first because you want to establish the tooth color before you embark on a porcelain veneers procedure. And then we made impressions or moldings, poured it up in stone, and made a replica of the patient's teeth.


teeth before the teeth transformation


We sent that replica to our cosmetic lab to design her new smile! So in this wax-up, you can now see the new shape of your teeth before the teeth transformation. And, there are no longer spaces between the patient's teeth. This wax-up shows how Taylor is gonna walk out the door when she leaves today. And I think she's gonna be super happy.

She has spaces on the top and spaces on the bottom, but today they're about to disappear. And, I know she's nervous. She actually hit me up on Instagram and she told me she's a little nervous like most patients are because when you think about cosmetic dentistry, it is a major change. And your smile is one of the first things that people will notice about you. So, I am ready to get started.


taylor shares her thoughts about her smile


Taylor Shares Her Thoughts About Her Smile

Honestly, I love my smile, but I want it to be brighter and whiter, and longer in length. I feel like the position of my teeth is perfect. I just want it to be noticeable when I open my mouth. Overall, I'm getting it for just a boost of confidence. And, your smile is the first thing people notice. I want people to notice my smile.

So, I have a celebrity crush smile that I love, I love Karrueche's smile. The reason I love her smile is that when she opens her mouth, you can see her teeth from far away. She has pretty, large front teeth, and they're super white and they're perfect in length. So I wanted my smile to kinda resemble hers. Also, comparing our two smiles, I noticed that mine is pretty wide and so is hers. So, it was a good match for me.


Researching Porcelain Veneers

I wasn't always confident about my smile. I've actually been looking into getting it fixed for a couple of years now. My main concern was the gap...I looked into veneers, for the past three years. I was 18 when I first found out about them, and I was looking into it, and just doing my research. And after some time, and I was seeing other people and it became trending over the years and I was like, "Oh, I have to get this now. I need to do this now." So, I came across Dr. Catrise on Instagram, obviously, she did Cardi B's smile. So I was like, "I gotta go to her, obviously."

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I've had other dentists that I did see prior to coming here. And I just wasn't comfortable with the way that the situation was going, or the way that they see my smile. No, I wanted it perfect. I hate the ultra white, super big teeth. I don't want my teeth, that white. I want it to look natural. I want it to like it's my teeth. I don't like the ones that look like the gums, that are like the candy.

When I first looked into veneers, I gave myself a deadline when I wanted to have it done. And I wanted it to be done before my college graduation. And over the years, I had dentists tell me, "Maybe you should do braces beforehand or Invisalign." I knew that I didn't wanna go that route. So graduation is coming up in May, and that time is clicking. It's coming to the end. So I wanted to hurry up and get it done.


My Friends Came With Me To Meet With Cardi B's Dentist!

How it started, she was like, "I'm going to New York. I'm gonna go get my teeth done by Cardi B's dentist." And I was just like, "Oh my God, are you serious? Don't play me!" And she showed me, how Dr. Catrise works. And I was like, "Oh my God, we're actually meeting Dr. Catrise." And, I was just really happy for her because people have spoken good things about Dr. Catrise. I was like, "I have to come, I have to travel along. It's Cardi B's dentist, I love her. I don't even know her, but I wanna meet her." But, I just had to be there.


smile transformation


The Big Reveal Of Her New Smile!

Talor explains, "I'm so nervous, I think I'm gonna cry. And I don't want you guys to look at me like, "Why is she crying?" I'm gonna cry because it's more so like, I've been envisioning myself with this smile for the longest. So, finally being able to see it, I'm gonna feel overwhelmed."

After spending a few hours transforming Taylor's smile it was finally time for her reveal. We did porcelain veneers on the top and the bottom teeth. We closed the spaces, and we got the teeth even. Her smile now has a natural tooth color, everything that she asked for. It's beautiful.

And just like that, we successfully completed Taylor's smile transformation! She was super excited after the reveal stating, "They're the perfect color. They're not too white..." I thought that was the best color choice. So we didn't go with the whitest on the color scale, we went, the second to the whitest so that it looks natural.

Now she can go home, and be more confident and show off her new smile transformation with her friends and family. Her graduation photos will definitely be on point. We can't wait to see what's in store for this young lady as she starts fresh into adulthood and begins another new chapter of life.


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