How do I make an appointment for a consultation? Is the consultation free?

All bookings are made online only. When you are ready, book your $99 consultation at: https://vipsmiles.com/consultations

Once you book, you’ll immediately get to choose a date and time either on my New York or Flint Michigan office calendar.

Next, you get a welcome email with all the details you need to prepare for our in person consult. If we are meeting online, after you book, you will be contacted by phone, text, or email to choose a date and time to do a web meeting outside of my office calendar schedule.

What can I expect during the consultation?

During our office consultation I will do a full exam which may include X-rays so that I may properly diagnose your dental condition. We will review your pre-smile-makeover workbook and go through some of your concerns, smile goals, and determine what you want for your smile. I’ll tell you your options, the costs, whether insurance would pay for it or not, possible payment plan options, and how to book treatment with me to start your smile makeover.

Can I just send you pictures of my teeth?

Unfortunately, I do not practice internet dentistry. There is no possible way to determine diagnose the true condition of your teeth and quote you accurately without a consultation. Quite frankly it’s also malpractice.

How much are porcelain veneers?

(Djordje—This is From my website)

How much is Teeth Whitening?

Single Pricing: $300

(Djordje—This is From my website)

Do you take dental insurance?

If you have a dental PPO plan I may be able to use it for some things, depending on what we discover needs to be done during our consultation. Most of the cosmetic dentistry that I do which is primarily teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, are not covered by dental insurance. But let’s meet and see what you need to have done!

If you have a local union plan, government plan, Delta Dental (in New York), or Blue Cross Blue Shield, they will NOT send checks to our office. You will have have to finance or pay out of pocket and your insurance will reimburse you directly in 2-4 weeks usually.

Do you offer in-house payment plans?

Because cosmetic dentistry work is valuable and costly, we do not offer in-house payment plans as we prefer not to assume the risk of non-payment. We offer short term and long term payment plans via popular 3rd party lending companies like The Lending Club and Care Credit. Both are credit based and will review your debt to income ratio to determine your credit worthiness. Monthly payments can start as low as $102/monthly and can extend up to 60-70 months.

Can you do my mouth for free?

I really wish I could help everyone that emails me everyday needing help but I can’t. Definitely google local dental schools and some of the local hospitals that have dental clinics for the lowest fees for your dental care. Also google cosmetic dentistry grants and dental charity organizations for low cost and free dentistry.