Gum Disease Can Be Contagious

Is Gum Disease Really Contagious? Here’s The Scoop!

Greetings Smile Champions! I recently had the pleasure of discussing a fascinating topic on Fox 5 New York – the contagious potential of gum disease. Today, let's uncover whether this common oral health concern is more myth or fact.

In our Fox 5 New York segment, we dived into the age-old question of whether gum disease is indeed contagious. Brace yourselves, as there's some truth to the notion! Let's explore three key scenarios that shed light on this fact:

Close Connections and Shared Saliva:

Couples engaged in activities like frequent kissing might unknowingly exchange bacteria linked to gum disease through shared saliva.

The Perils of Shared Items: Toothbrushes, utensils, or a casual sip from the same drink – these seemingly innocent acts can inadvertently transfer harmful bacteria, paving the way for gum infections.
From Mom to Little One: Mothers (or other care givers) dealing with gum disease can inadvertently pass on bacteria to their little ones, be it through shared utensils or the not-so-uncommon habit of cleaning pacifiers with a touch of mom's saliva.

Top 3 Telltale Signs of Gum Disease

Now that we've established the contagious angle of gum disease, it's vital to recognize its early warning signs:

Gums That Bleed: Healthy gums shouldn't bleed during your oral care routine. If they do, it's time to consider gum disease as a potential culprit.
Persistent Bad Breath: Chronic bad breath can be a red flag, indicating the presence of bacteria in your mouth – a key player in the gum disease storyline.
The Gums Are On Swoll: Keep an eye on gums that are red, swollen, and tender. This inflammation is a clear sign that gum disease might be making a cameo appearance.

5 Tips to Keep Germs at Bay and Preserve Your Oral Health

TIP #1: Embrace Consistent Oral Hygiene: Regular brushing and flossing are your go-to superheroes for keeping harmful bacteria in check.
TIP #2: Keep Your Dental Tools to Yourself: Say no to toothbrush-sharing and maintain the sanctity of your oral care items to minimize the risk of bacterial exchanges.
TIP #3: Routine Dental Check-ups: Scheduling regular visits to your dentist ensures not just sparkling clean teeth but also early detection of potential issues.
TIP #4: Lifestyle Choices Matter: Opt for a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and minimize or totally steer clear of tobacco – all choices that play a significant role in maintaining overall oral health.
TIP #5: Spread the Word: Share the knowledge about the contagious nature of gum disease and encourage good oral hygiene practices in your community.

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