jenny bui gets smile makeover

Jenny Bui Gets Smile Makeover: Queen of Bling Meets The Queen Of Smiles

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What do you do when the most famous nail tech comes to you and wants to have the most beautiful smile makeover on earth? You take her call! I'm so excited to have two-time Nail Artist of the Year, Jenny Bui in the building. She's going to get a fabulous new smile from me. You know how I do it! She is getting an award, and I cannot wait to give her that red carpet smile. We're going to light her smile up and make her the star of the awards show.

Jenny Bui is one of the most famous nail artists out there! She's best known as the 'Queen of Bling' for her incredible nail art. She's won numerous awards for her creativity, including being named Nail Artist Influencer of the Year in 2019. Jenny has worked with many well-known celebrities, but she's probably best known as the creator of Cardi B’s infamous blinged-out fingernails.

She reached out to me because she is receiving the coveted Journey Award in Atlanta. These awards honor "selfless visionaries who inspire others through their incredible journey." This is Jenny's first time receiving this award and her excitement is contagious.

Jenny explained that this award was such a huge honor because you get voted on by the people; This award means that she's inspiring lives around her and it's wonderful.

It was such a pleasure to sit with her and talk about her journey in the beauty industry and how far she's come. Her excitement at just being here, not just for the awards but working with me too, is infectious.

Jenny Bui On Choosing Dr. Catrise Austin

Jenny explains why she decided to get a smile transformation and why she chose VIP Smiles and Dr. Catrise Austin. She stated that had been really unhappy with her teeth and she had been to other dentists in the past but was not pleased with the results. She said, "another dentist makes my teeth come out like a hump." Jenny goes on to say that she was impressed with Cardi B's teeth, whose smile makeover was done by none other than, 'The Queen of Smiles!' She said she saw Cardi's teeth and said, " I want my teeth to look natural... Oh my God, I was jealous of Cardi Teeth. You know, every time she smiles. Oh my God! Her teeth are, so beautiful..."

Just seeing the before and after pictures of Cardi B's smile makeover was enough to convince Jenny that she needed to come by and see me too.

She had many choices when it came to getting her porcelain veneers, there were a lot of other cosmetic dentists who contacted her, but she said that she's done her research and knew about me from Cardi B. "I trusting you! It's because of Cardi!"

I'm so excited to be working with her on this journey!

jenny bui gets smile makeover


After The Veneers Procedure

She was a little nervous before her veneers procedure, but once we got started and she saw the shape of her new smile, she loved it! The confidence this woman has... I love working with people who are willing to go outside of their comfort zone. And I love working with people who want to make a difference as Jenny does! She cares about her clients and she takes care of them!

All right, so guys, we have just spent a few hours with my girl, Jenny Bui. You know 'The Queen of Bling', and the two-time Nail Artist of the Year. And we have just placed her porcelain veneers. Her teeth look absolutely amazing! She's going to be shining brighter than diamonds at the awards show. And I'm excited for her because she is so happy.

I cannot wait for her to see the results!

After seeing her permanent veneers for the first time, Jenny exclaimed, "Oh my God, I really... Oh my goodness! It looks so good!"

She was very excited about seeing the finished results and couldn't wait to show off her amazing new smile at the upcoming Journey Awards. She went on to say, "I'm in love with my teeth! I want to say thank you to you! Look how beautiful my smile is! Oh my God!"



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