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Join the lively "Let’s Talk Smiles Podcast" for dental consumers with Celebrity Dentist Dr. Catrise Austin, your smile BFF and go-to smile expert! Dr. Austin, aka "The Queen of Smiles," spills the tea on dentistry news you can use, hot trends, and heartwarming patient stories that will inspire you to smile. Get ready for a weekly smile party filled with practical tips that'll have you flashing your brightest, healthiest smile. Tune in for the knowledge, stay for the fun and confidence boost!

Weekly Segments Include:

Dentistry Hot Topics
Celebrity Smile News
Dental Health & Total Health
Ask Dr. Austin
Dental Products & Trends
Heartwarming Patient Stories
Botched Smile Reviews
Bust Some Dental Myths
Dental Scam Alerts

Meet Your Host - Dr. Catrise Austin

Meet Dr. Catrise Austin, a leader in cosmetic dentistry since 1998. Renowned as "The Queen of Smiles," she's a best-selling author, host of the “Let’s Talk Smiles Podcast," and sought-after speaker. Although Dr. Austin has worked with A-List celebrities for over 25 years and has promoted oral care globally, her goal is simple: to ensure that everyone not only acquires a beautiful, healthy, and confident smile but also renewed self-esteem.

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