Transform Your Smile with VIP Smiles Flexible & Removable Single Tooth Valplast  Dentures by Dr. Catrise Austin

Meet Dr. Catrise Austin, The Queen of Smiles, renowned for her dedication to restoring confidence through cutting-edge dental solutions. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Austin empathizes deeply with the emotional toll of missing teeth and the financial strain of traditional replacements.

Dr. Austin says, “Every missing tooth tells a story, but it doesn’t have to define you. Let’s create a new chapter together and reclaim your smile.”

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single flexible valplast denture from Dr. Catrise Austin at VIP Smiles

Why should consumers care about single missing teeth? Beyond cosmetics, missing teeth can lead to a host of problems, including:

Difficulty chewing and speaking properly
Shifting of surrounding teeth
Bone loss in the jaw
Increased risk of gum disease and decay

Dr. Austin understands these dental problems and the impact they can have on daily life. That’s why she’s passionate about offering this quick and affordable solution to restore single missing teeth.

What’s in it for you? The Single Tooth Valplast Flexible Dentures offer a game-changing solution:

Comfort: Lightweight and flexible material ensures a comfortable fit, eliminating discomfort caused by traditional dentures.

Durability: Resistant to fractures and breakage, providing peace of mind for long-term use.
Natural Aesthetics: Mimics the appearance of natural teeth, restoring your smile with seamless results.
Affordability: A cost-effective alternative to traditional tooth replacements, making quality dental care accessible to all.
Confidence Boost: Say goodbye to gaps and hello to renewed self-esteem, allowing you to smile with confidence again.

What’s The Process Like?
Getting Valplast Flexible Single Tooth Removable Dentures is a Simple 4-Step Process:


Dr. Austin will assess your oral health and discuss your goals and concerns.


Precise impressions of your teeth will be taken to ensure a custom fit.


Once your dentures are ready, Dr. Austin will ensure they fit comfortably and securely.


Any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure optimal comfort and functionality.

Enjoy! With your new smile, you can confidently enjoy all your favorite foods and activities without worry.

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Valplast Single Tooth Dentures Compared To Other Popular, Less Affordable, Dental Options

VIP Smiles Flint Michingan Valplast single tooth

Valplast Single Tooth Denture

Cost: Valplast dentures typically range from $700 to $2,000 per arch, depending on the complexity and materials used.
Procedure Time: The process usually takes a few weeks from consultation to final fitting. Impressions are taken, and the denture is custom-made in a dental laboratory.
Benefit: Removable and flexible, offering increased comfort compared to traditional rigid dentures.
Benefit: Minimal alteration to existing teeth required.
Benefit: Can be a more affordable option compared to bridges and implants.
Benefit: Includes replacement of 1 to 2 teeth for the same low price
dental bridge versus valplast flexible single tooth denture from vip smiles

Dental Bridge

Cost: Dental bridges can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,200 per tooth, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the bridge.
Procedure Time: The procedure typically takes two to three visits over the span of a few weeks. It involves preparing the adjacent teeth, taking impressions, and fitting the bridge.
Benefit: Provides a fixed solution for missing teeth, restoring chewing function and aesthetics.
Benefit: Prevents adjacent teeth from shifting and maintains facial structure.
Benefit: Can be a quicker solution compared to implants, with fewer surgical procedures involved.
Dental implant compared to valplast flexible single tooth denture

Dental Implant

Cost: Dental implants are usually the most expensive option, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 per tooth for the implant itself, not including the cost of additional procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lifts.
Procedure Time: The entire process can take several months to complete. It involves multiple stages, including implant placement, osseointegration (fusion with the jawbone), and placement of the dental crown.
Benefit: Offers the most natural-looking and permanent solution for missing teeth.
Benefit: Preserves bone density and prevents bone loss in the jaw.
Benefit: Provides unparalleled stability and functionality, mimicking the feel and function of natural teeth.

The choice between Valplast dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants depends on factors such as COST, TIME, and INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCES. Valplast dentures offer a more affordable and flexible option, while dental bridges provide a fixed solution with less invasive procedures. Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement, offering long-term stability and aesthetics but at a higher cost and longer treatment time.

*** Payment is due at the time of booking to secure your appointment. Don't let financial concerns hold you back from achieving your dream smile. We offer high approval 0% monthly financing options. Prequalify today to explore flexible payment plans tailored to your needs." Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance for Valplast dentures. ***