Smiles, Laughter, and Legends: My Unforgettable Weekend on WGN’s Daytime Chicago TV Show”

What a weekend it has been! Friday, I had the incredible opportunity to grace the set of WGN's Daytime Chicago morning show, where dental secrets and laughter seamlessly collided. The highlight? Revealing a surprising fact about myself that left the host in awe – yes, even I have porcelain veneers!

We delved into the world of porcelain veneers, discussing how some are blatantly obvious. Here are five key factors that make porcelain veneers appear natural, emphasizing the importance of choosing a cosmetic dentist and dental lab with skilled technicians
who are true artists for the mouth.

Color Matching: Achieving a natural tooth color is crucial. We explored the meticulous process of selecting the perfect shade to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.
Customization: Each veneer should be individually crafted to complement the unique characteristics of your smile. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won't do.
Texture and Translucency: Mimicking the texture and translucency of natural teeth is an art. A skilled technician ensures that your veneers reflect light just like real enamel.
Proportions: Properly proportioned veneers enhance your facial features and maintain a harmonious balance within your smile.
Expert Installation: A skilled cosmetic dentist is essential for precise placement, ensuring your veneers look and feel natural.

But the excitement didn't stop there. On set, I had the pleasure of meeting the incomparable Marsha Warfield, a true legend in the world of comedy. 

As we reminisced about the good old days and how I got my idea to become the “dentist to the stars” at the Boston Comedy Club in New York , where I connected with rising stars like Tracey Morgan, Mike Epps, and JB Smoove, the conversation flowed effortlessly. 

I happened to be rocking my Donnell Rawlings hoodie, a recent gift from the comedian himself, led to the revelation that I am a genuine comedy lover!

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