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If you are searching for teeth whitening in NYC, look no further! Dr. Catrise Austin is a highly sought-after celebrity cosmetic dentist in New York. She provides expert cosmetic dental procedures to New York City residents and surrounding areas. People also travel from all over the country to get her dental makeovers! Dr. Austin specializes in porcelain veneers and teeth whitening and her #1 goal is to make every person feel beautiful, healthy, and confident in their new smile.


The Beauty of Professional Teeth Whitening

Your outer appearance has a huge impact on your self-confidence. Studies consistently show that there is a connection between good oral health and high self-esteem. Many Americans have become more inclined to consider improvements in their health and lifestyle to give themselves a positive change to their look.

Dr. Oz Talks Teeth Whitening with Cardi B’s Dentist Dr. Catrise Austin


Some may choose to exercise while others may look into skincare products. If someone is really looking to drastically enhance their facial appearance, teeth whitening is a great choice.

A whitening procedure will enhance your smile and battle the common tooth surface stains individuals experience over time. Discoloration can be caused by frequently drinking soft drinks, red wine, or coffee without a straw. Tooth discoloration can also be caused by smoking, or simply the aging process.

While a good oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dental office can prevent stains, a tooth whitening procedure can completely remove tooth stains and leave you with a Hollywood-like smile. Professional tooth whitening is a cost-effective, safe, non-invasive procedure that offers every patient almost immediate results.

Teeth Whitening Options

The type of teeth whitening treatment that is best for your teeth will depend on the shade of your teeth and the condition of your enamel. When you have your initial office appointment, Dr. Austin and the staff will assess your teeth and create a customized treatment plan.

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LED Whitening Treatment in New York City

In general, an in-office whitening session lasts about one hour. There are a few different kinds of whitening treatments. When you meet with Dr. Catrise Austin, she will help you choose the best one depending on your desires and level of need.

The most popular in-office whitening procedure is the 1-hour LED teeth whitening treatment. It is very safe and effective; all it takes is one office visit. In just one hour, your teeth can be lightened up to ten shades. During these teeth whitening appointments, Dr. Austin first covers your lips and gums with protective material. Then she applies a powerful hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. The LED light activates the bleaching product to start the whitening process. This is the best way to get rid of stains and deep discoloring. If you are a good candidate for this in-office tooth whitening method, you will receive instant results.

Once finished, Dr. Austin applies a desensitizing gel onto your teeth. This is great for people who are looking to avoid tooth sensitivity or gum irritation that can sometimes come with teeth whitening. Immediately upon completion of your treatment, your teeth may look extra white. After a few days, they will look more natural and you will love your new smile. Ready for your new smile?  Click here to see if you are a candidate for teeth whitening.


1-Hour Teeth Whitening Step by Step Video


Would you like to give your smile a brighter, whiter glow? See if you're a candidate for one of our Teeth Whitening Services. Once we've reviewed your application, we'll recommend the best teeth whitening options for you!

Here's What My Patients Say!


Baby I'm A Star Teeth Whitening Treatment

The "Baby I'm A Star" Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment, is our signature teeth whitening service. This treatment is recommended for clients with moderate to severe tooth discolorations. We use the highest formula of teeth whitening gel to offer you the whitest smile possible. The results are stunning and you will leave our office with teeth that are an average of 6-8 shades whiter after a 1-hour teeth whitening session. Results may vary.


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How To Make Your Results Last

The results from teeth whitening will last over a year and possibly up to 18 months. Of course, for longer-lasting results, patients should take good care of their teeth. Our dentists will make sure you know what steps to take and which foods to avoid in order to maintain your beautiful smile.

Maintaining your new bright white smile is quite simple. All you have to do is continue to practice good oral hygiene. Regularly brushing your teeth helps get rid of food debris, which causes tooth discoloration. You should go to your routine teeth cleaning appointments every six months to keep your teeth looking bright and beautiful.

Dentists also recommend swishing water around the mouth after eating to help remove food from your teeth that could cause stains. Wearing a nightguard to sleep can also help reduce saliva production. Other habits you should avoid to keep your teeth looking their best are:

  • Drinking coffee, sodas, or sports drinks without a straw
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Eating dark foods such as red sauce or berries

Click the link below to learn how to get certified in teeth whitening and start your own business in no time!

Dr. Catrise Austin "The Queen of Smiles™

Dr. Austin has been treating patients of New York, and most of America for over 20 years. She is known as The Queen of Smiles™ and dentist to the stars. Dr. Austin has worked with many artists and other celebrities including Cardi B, Anthony Anderson, Omarosa, Wendy Williams, Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, ASAP Rocky, Eva Marcille, and Common just to name a few.

She has also worked with countless athletes, models, actors, comedians, journalists, professionals, and anyone wanting to improve their quality of life through their smiles. Dr. Austin has also been named as one of the "Top 25 Women In Dentistry" by Dental Products Report Magazine.

You may have seen her on TV shows such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The Discovery Health Channel.

In order to offer the best tooth whitening in New York and surrounding areas, Dr. Catrise Austin is always improving her treatment techniques through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). You can see her passion for cosmetic dentistry in her books: "5 Steps To The Hollywood A-List Smile: How The Stars Get That Perfect Smile and How You Can Too!" and "Your Dentist, Diabetes, and You!" Her patients know her best for her incredible bedside manner and friendliness.


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Teeth Whitening FAQs

Yes! Teeth whitening is considered safe with minimal side effects, although there are rare cases where it causes adverse reactions.

The active ingredient in teeth whitening products is carbamide peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide) which is considered safe for use.

The American Dental Association (ADA) has a logo you can look for on tooth whitening products. The ADA guarantees that those products are effective and safe, in order to help ensure your teeth become whiter!

Although side effects are rare, the majority of the side effects associated with these procedures are temporary. Some have reported feeling more sensitive than usual or gum irritation after having their teeth whitened.

In the rare case that peroxide gets into someone's mouth accidentally, they could experience nausea or stomach aches.

Teeth whitening will not create unnaturally white teeth. In fact, there's a limit as to how much the shade can intensify during the procedure and we can also control it.

With both in-office and take-home options available, you have the power over when to stop once the desired results are reached.

Ultimately, we want to make sure that you are pleased with the results and they meet your expectations.

If you have sensitive teeth, it is important to visit your dentist prior to any teeth whitening procedure.

If there are no dental conditions requiring treatment, the dentist may advise on using a fluoride rinse or special toothpaste before any teeth whitening procedure.

However,  if other dental problems exist like cavities and gum disease, these will need to be resolved first.

A 1-hour professional, in-office teeth whitening session is $350. 

You can also whiten your teeth at home with our VIP Smiles Home Teeth Whitening Products by shopping at the VIP Smiles store. Everything is under $50!

There are many reasons why people might need to have their teeth touched up. Whether it's from smoking, drinking alcohol, or having a coffee habit that stains your pearly whites!

A teeth whitening touch-up is likely needed after 3-6 months if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene habits.



Following your initial in-office 1 hour teeth whitening treatment, we recommend that you use our VIP Smiles take-home teeth whitening maintenance products after treatment to ensure that your pearly white smile stays on the VIP list for as long as possible.  Shop at our VIP Smiles store today!