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Dr. Austin was really nice and professional! I went for a laser teeth whitening procedure. She started off by explaining the whole process, make sure I was comfortable and also had entertainment available such as Nextflix/YouTube so that was a plus. My overall ending experience was great and I loved the results from my laser teeth whitening! Thank you Dr. Austin 

Shanice T.

Dr. Austin is absolutely outstanding. She is professional, knowledgeable and most of courteous which is not easy to come by these days. She provides excellent service no other dental office can offer. From my experience she is 5 star! Highly recommended !

Melissa S.

Dr. Austin is simply the best! Extremely professionally and excellent chair-side manner. I went in with dingy teeth and came out with the brightest smile. I didn’t tell my mother I was getting my teeth whitened and she noticed immediately. Don’t hesitate; she’s the best!

Dr. Y

In a city where people are incredibly rude and pushy, Dr. Austin makes going to the dentist a pure pleasure. Dr. Austin is a sweety pie. One of the nicest people that I know. Oh yeah and she's a great dentist.

Eric H.

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