Say 'Yes' To A Show-Stopping Smile!

Step into the glamorous world of smile transformations with Dr. Catrise Austin, the go-to 'Dentist to the Stars,' as she maps out your path to a stunning wedding day smile! "Wedding Planning Checklist for a Picture Perfect Smile" is more than just a checklist - it's your personal roadmap to a dazzling smile transformation.

Say 'yes' to a show-stopping smile! With this checklist, you have everything you need to sort out any dental problems before your big day. Whether you're interested in porcelain veneers for a total smile makeover, teeth whitening for that extra sparkle, clear aligners for straight teeth, tooth re-contouring or bonding to repair chipped teeth, or solutions to replace a missing tooth, this checklist is your new best friend. No matter what's bothering you about your smile, Dr. Austin has a fix ready to ensure that you're beaming with joy as you take your walk down the aisle.

For each dental problem that you may be facing, this checklist presents a realistic timeline that you’ll need to know in order to reach your wedding day smile goals beginning precisely 12 months before your wedding and leading right up to the big day itself.

Journey through the world of cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Austin as your smile coach, and step confidently into your wedding day with a radiant, picture-perfect smile. Let's create an unforgettable smile for one of the most memorable experiences of your life!