Wellness Unleashed: Unveiling Insights from the ‘New Year, New You’ Panel on Wurd Radio

Today, on the "Reality Check" Talk Radio Show hosted by Tonya Pendelton (@iamtonyapendleton) on Wurd Radio in Philadelphia, the "New Year, New You" panel brought together a dynamic group of experts to inspire positive changes in the year ahead.

As one of the panelists, I, celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin (@drcatriseaustin), shared my personal smile journey, tracing back to my high school days when I transformed my confidence through braces, ultimately shaping my career in dentistry. 

During our engaging discussion, I delved into the impact of certain foods on oral health, emphasized the connection between dental health and overall well-being, and provided practical tips for maintaining a healthy smile as part of a daily routine. I also highlighted the broader social, career, and self-improvement benefits of cultivating a great smile.

Joining me were esteemed panelists:

Karen Taylor Bass (@soulfulyogawithkaren): Global Wellness Trainer, who offered insights into mastering middle age, emphasizing self-connection, and the power of saying "no" to others while saying "yes" to oneself.

Dr. Joy’El Ballard (@drjoyel), “The Menopause Mogul,” who expertly navigated the phases of menopause, providing valuable tips on recognizing and coping with the physical and psychological changes during this transformative period.

Chef Nancie (@chefnancie): Celebrity chef for stars like Kelly Roland, who shared wisdom on making healthy choices, incorporating substitutions, and embracing an eating-for-life philosophy.

Here Are 5 Transformative Tips For a "New Year, New You":

Prioritize self-connection and empowerment.
Embrace positive changes in your daily routine.
Recognize and adapt to the natural phases of life, such as menopause.
Make conscious, healthy food choices.
Cultivate a confident smile for overall well-being.

For those who missed the live broadcast, the replay is available on Wurd Radio. Tune in to gain inspiration and embark on your journey towards a new and improved version of yourself. This is your year – take the first step toward positive change

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